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About us

Inspire to perform

We are Clearfields

A small team of impassioned consultants: committed to improving performance, eliminating waste, exploiting opportunities. No more excuses. We work for unique clients at home and abroad. And we challenge you. We call the conventional way of doing things into question. We have strong opinions and are not afraid to share them with you.

What do we do exactly?

We translate nice ideas, well-intentioned PowerPoints and impressive Excel sheets into crystal-clear strategy that everyone can understand. We design projects that act as rocket fuel for organisational performance. And we teach people to achieve change faster and more effectively. That’s what we do.

Who do we work with?

Our clients are forward-thinking leaders who don’t hesitate to contact the right people to help them fulfil their ambitions: AEGON, Risk to Reputation, Dutch Cancer Society (DCS), the Maasziekenhuis hospital and dozens of other commercial enterprises and ambitious NGOs.

What do our clients ask for?

Our clients ask us to speed up their change processes and bring an end to vague discussions and half-baked decisions. They want us to translate their ambition into a crystal-clear strategy and tangibly inspiring results that are easy for everyone to understand.

What do we achieve?

We provide unambiguous answers to the key strategic questions. We mark a distinct point on the horizon for everyone to work towards and create a cohesive strategy to solve the problems and exploit the opportunities. Our projects give organisations the tools they need to achieve success.

How do we do it?

We are not a run-of-the-mill consultancy firm. Whereas others deliver reports and Excel sheets, we make strategy tangible, palpable and comprehensible for everyone. And, not unimportantly, working with us usually generates you a lot of money.

This sets us apart

We are small

When you choose to work with us, you will benefit from our whole team and all the talent we have. Not pen-pushers and busloads of juniors, because we don’t have any of those.

We put ourselves in your customer's shoes

Your customers can tell you with intense clarity which key improvements you should make within your organisation. When your customers are happy, you are too – because satisfied customers mean lower costs and higher revenue.

We mobilise talent

We have a nose for undiscovered superstars within your organisation. We revel in the energy that is released when the true talent of all your employees is exposed.

We choose one another

We only do a couple of projects per year and we choose them carefully. It is in everyone’s interests that our efforts do indeed lead to improvements. After all, we’re only as good as our last project.

We invest in you

If we don’t know you properly, we can’t truly help you. That’s why we invest in really getting to know you – all of you. We talk to people at all levels within the organisation and we also want to get to know your customers.

We love collaboration

We simply love working together with all the talented people and experts within your organisation. That’s the core of our approach. And if specific skills or experience are lacking, we will seamlessly fill the gaps for you.

We make things tangible, palpable and measurable

A good plan only truly comes to life when you can see it and feel it. We visualise everything we do, including the results our approach will achieve. That’s how we inspire everyone within the organisation – and by using our techniques to make the results concrete and measurable.

We enjoy arriving but we're also happy to leave

We don’t and won’t stick around for too long in your organisation. We make an impact through close collaboration with your employees, by inspiring them and transferring knowledge. So we depart as soon as the job is done, leaving the lasting results behind.


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