At Clearfields we design unique training programmes which excel in terms of their high impact and effectiveness. For example, we have noticed that all our customers have a substantial need for stronger and more decisive leadership at all levels within the organisation. Therefore, we have devised an uncompromising leadership training programme which differs from the usual approach. The 3.5 years we spent working on it have resulted in a truly one-of-a-kind leadership programme.

‘The most well-thought-out programme I’ve seen in years’
Hester van Breda – ABN AMRO NV Development Center.

What is AMT?

AMT stands for Action Maturity Training. It is a leadership training programme based on the idea that people learn fastest by gaining concrete experience. Hence AMT is an intensive roller coaster of learning experiences related to the necessary skills for developing personal leadership.

AMT revolves around these skills

Formulating crystal-clear goals. Making decisions. Communicating expectations effectively. Getting the best out of yourself and the people around you. Staying focused on your goal and task under any circumstances. Adapting to changing situations. And coping with resistance, uncertainty, setbacks, mistakes and failure. All these skills make the difference.

The context holds the key

Our training programme involves putting the participants in a realistic and professional context which places huge demands on the skills that they wish to develop. The venue is the School for Danger and Crisis Management at the Police Academy in Ossendrecht.

In a highly detailed educational environment, the participants continually learn through their own first-hand experiences. Afterwards, theoretical models help the participants to understand what they have just experienced. They subsequently receive concrete insights and tools to help them take more effective action. Participants are expected to immediately apply the insights they gain in order to improve their skills. This results in an extremely beneficial learning process.

The programme

The programme begins with an online intake survey followed by an interview. This explores the learning objectives and the need for training in depth and it also examines whether the AMT training programme is the right choice for you.

After the intake, you attend an intensive 3.5-day training session. The session generally starts on Tuesday evening and finishes on Friday at around 17.00h. In the weeks that follow this intensive training session, you apply your experiences and the insights you have gained to your own working life. You are helped to do this during two transfer meetings with one of the trainers who supported you during training.

The training programme concludes after approximately 8 weeks with a follow-up day, when all the skills you have developed over the past couple of months are put to the ultimate test one more time.

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Since the first AMT in 2012 we have maintained an NPS (EU) of 92%. That is an exceptionally high score and one we are extremely proud of. On average, participants award the training programme an 8.7 out of 10.



Clearfields AMT 92%



“At the cutting edge…this course is an absolute must for every professional who has to maintain control in stressful situations, demonstrate leadership and deliver results. Thanks to the huge variety of different activities, you are repeatedly confronted with new situations. Tackling them requires you to draw on different competences each time, immediately exposing your strengths and weaknesses. I definitely recommend it!”

Klaartje Vest – Corporate Communications manager Tele2

“This is a very special training programme with much more impact than the average course and a good basis for the next step in your personal development. I can definitely recommend it for anyone who is willing to learn and who is keen to improve the effectiveness of their own actions in organisations based on self-reflection. Whether you’ve just started out or have been working for 20-plus years, formulating your own learning objectives enables you to get a huge amount of benefit from the training programme. Just take the plunge and enjoy it!”

Ward Loggen – HR manager KWF Dutch Cancer Society

“The training programme gave me a unique view of myself and tested skills and competences that I use daily. I’ve been very impressed by the impact of this training course. By completely taking you out of your comfort zone it achieves the desired effect. By the way, for me personally the most important lesson was: ‘You get what you give, plus a little extra…’. This training programme made it crystal clear what happens if you lose focus or drift off target. I feel privileged to have been able to take part.”

Teun Kelderman – Commercial director, Night Balance


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