50×50 – YOU BET WE CAN!

The challenge

How can we increase and improve healthcare services when the cost of care is rising? In 2011, in response to this challenge, Clearfields worked together with the Maasziekenhuis Pantein hospital to develop a new way of working. 50×50 means shifting the focus from budget cuts to profit.


In 50×50, ten innovation teams comprising employees from across the whole organisation work on 50 innovative projects, each of which generate EUR50,000 in profit. The teams gain inspiration for the innovation projects from ideas submitted by all their colleagues within the organisation, and coaches and experts provide extra help. This marks a transition from fixed annual budget cuts per department to a structured approach to innovation and a better balance of costs and revenues.


Thanks not least to a well-prepared communication plan and tremendous employee enthusiasm, 70 people signed up as team members and the project got underway with 220 initial ideas for a more efficient way of working. In this project, Clearfields served as a one-stop shop. From the concept and HR tools to project management and design, we supplied all the necessary elements for 50×50.

The Clearfields approach

The 50×50 concept is based on the Clearfields performance framework. We use this framework as the basis for making performance improvements tangible for our clients by defining and agreeing on targets, strategy and behaviour as well as tools to enable that behaviour to be developed and demonstrated.

More information?

Click on the links on the right-hand side of this page for more information about 50×50. We’d love to hear from you if you have any questions, so please contact us. You can call Menko Soeters: +31 651 840 876.

These team members were involved:
Menko Soeters

Lead Consultant

Dave Dubbink


Margot Derksen

Consultant - Partner Lien en Mien Communicatie