Superb Care

The Situation

In 2010, Dutch regional mental health care institution GGZ Delfland wanted to ensure that all its staff members were working towards the same future aim. On behalf of GGZ Delfland’s Board of Directors, Clearfields developed a concept to mark an inspiring point on the horizon as the focus for all the organisation’s employees.

Performance Strategy

Clearfields translated GGZ Delfland’s management policy into a performance strategy to enable the organisation to excel once more. First of all, Clearfields marked a very distinct point on the horizon: Superb care. That summed up the ambition of each and every team within the organisation. That ambition was then made measurable using an instrument that could measure the satisfaction of the organisation’s five most important stakeholders: customer, employee, financier, referrer and management. The measurement and visualisation of the ambitions and actual performance at team level gave employees direct influence on the result once more, leading to a process of learning and inspiring.

These ingredients formed the basis for a 1,000-day project in which each team attempted to accomplish the ultimate goal of ‘superb care’. Clearfields devised a detailed set of interventions in order to continually inspire the teams and offer guidance if they were not achieving the desired results.

The Result

GGZ Delfland integrated the elements of the performance strategy into its operations and policy plan. The organisation is now a reliable and respected care provider in the region.


For the Superb Care project, Clearfields developed a comprehensive set of tools, not only to inspire and enthuse employees but also to enable the management team to stimulate and monitor the desired development. The tools included communication campaigns, training sessions for employees and managers, monitoring instruments and management interventions. For an overview of all the tools in the toolkit, please contact Menko Soeters or Loes van Suijlekom.

The Clearfields approach

The Superb Care concept is based on the Clearfields performance framework. We use this framework as the basis for making performance improvements tangible for our clients by defining and agreeing on targets, strategy and behaviour as well as tools to enable that behaviour to be developed and demonstrated.

More information

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These team members were involved:
Margot Derksen

Consultant - Partner Lien en Mien Communicatie

Ruben Haverkort


Menko Soeters

Lead Consultant

Marije Lameris