Striving for Top Support!

For AEGON BIS, AEGON NL‘s IT organisation, Clearfields developed an inspiring and effective performance concept called Top Support. The project is aimed at internal service departments that want to learn, improve and perform better.

The challenge for internal service organisations

Everyone knows that a successful organisation cannot perform optimally without the essential support of internal service departments such as marketing, ICT, facilities and communication. But how do such service departments contribute to the objectives and success of the company as a whole? And how is their success defined?

It is not easy for internal service organisations to set a clear goal – one that is both measurable and challenging and, not unimportantly, also inspires the employees. Nevertheless, each organisation needs a point on the horizon to work towards, along with a methodology for monitoring progress and taking corrective action if it drifts off course.

Top support: a unique performance concept for internal service departments

These elements are involved in the ‘Top Support’ concept. Top Support was originally designed for internal service organisations that want to achieve the best-possible performance. For example, the people behind a successful football team must provide top support in terms of the quality of the pitch or the physiotherapy services.

Making top support measurable: the Support Value Score

But how do you know when top support is being provided? As a service organisation, are you performing the right activities and are the teams being managed effectively? In order to answer these questions, it is necessary to conduct periodic measurements, to draw conclusions and to make improvements. Clearfields developed a practical measuring instrument for that purpose: the Support Value Score which is based on NPS methodology.

The Support Value Score (SVS) is a measuring method which, every 100 days, receives input from the service organisation’s most important internal customers: colleagues who play a key role in achieving the company’s objectives. They award a mark for how the service organisation has contributed to accomplishing the company’s goals and indicate areas for improvement. After a total of five 100-day periods, the improvements will enable the service organisation to make an outstanding contribution – i.e. true ‘top support’! In addition to awarding a mark, internal customers are also asked to provide concrete feedback regarding aspects which the service organisation can immediately improve.

The SVS periodically reveals how people within the organisation perceive the added value of the support provided by the internal service department.


For the Top Support concept, Clearfields developed an extensive set of tools. In order to inspire and enthuse employees to embrace the aims of Top Support, it is essential to have a clear ambition and also a good communication strategy. Moreover, the strategy for achieving Top Support was further developed around the topic of co-creation. This page presents a number of examples of these tools, including those used in the AEGON BIS project.

The Clearfields approach

The Top Support concept is based on the Clearfields performance framework. We use this framework as the basis for making performance improvements tangible for our clients by defining and agreeing on targets, strategy and behaviour as well as tools to enable that behaviour to be developed and demonstrated.

More information?

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These team members were involved:
Margot Derksen

Consultant - Partner Lien en Mien Communicatie

Ruben Haverkort


Menko Soeters

Lead Consultant

Marije Lameris