WWe translate ambition into crystal-clear strategy

How do we devise a strategy?

We have a simple and fast route to get from dreams and ideas to an inspiring strategy that everyone understands, based on today’s reality. In a nutshell, these are the steps we take.

Get to know the leadership team

First of all, we want to get to know your organisation and your challenges, so we talk to the people in your leadership team. We ask questions, but above all we listen – because we want to understand every team member’s thoughts on ambition and the way to achieve it.

Understand the strategic challenge

This is the point when we get to grips with reality. What are the key challenges in your market? How do your customers and partners regard you? What obstacles do your employees come up against? We also want to understand the gap between your ambitions and your current performance. We set about digging and analysing, and we come up with a working hypothesis which we continually adapt as new insights emerge. This gives us an in-depth understanding of which questions your strategy must answer.

Use images and numbers to make things tangible

While it’s important to have a good story, ultimately it’s the result that matters. We make that result tangible and palpable using images and numbers. It becomes your firm foundation for achieving change. We calculate the improvement potential in terms of euros and customer value. This increases the urgency of the decision-making. We reveal the current bottlenecks and highlight your opportunities to eliminate them. And we present all our findings in a clear and simple manner so that everyone understands them.

Design the strategy

Now that we are familiar with your organisation and your challenges, we translate our insights and analysis into a succinct and cohesive strategy. Ideally, we do that together with sharp-minded and talented people from within your organisation. We combine hard facts, feelings, intuition and more than 15 years of experience to devise a strategy that has impact and will make the difference: future-proof and tailored to all relevant parts of your organisation, tangible and exciting yet also a good fit with your organisational culture.

We share and test the strategy

This is the stage at which we are ready to share the strategy with you. We do so in an interactive session so that we can continually adapt and fine-tune it until it is a perfect fit. We then test how your organisation’s key people and stakeholders react to the strategy. We challenge them to find shortcomings and to help us resolve them. As well as enabling us to hone the new strategy, this also fosters support for it within the organisation.

Fine-tuning and details

The interactive sessions enable us to gather very valuable information so that we can adapt the strategy and develop it further. We work on the strategy’s finer details: what will the new strategy mean for your key processes and departments? By the end of that process, we have visualised a clear and cohesive strategy which everyone can understand.

The roadmap

Once the detailed strategy has been approved we design the roadmap which is a step-for-step guide to what must happen within the organisation. It outlines the order of priority for processes and departments so that the strategy will be implemented successfully. The roadmap makes the necessary actions clear to everyone in the organisation. This prevents fragmented execution or a situation in which the strategy remains nothing but ‘good intentions’. We garner internal support for the roadmap by discussing it with your key employees and by using their input as the basis for further improvements to the plan.


It’s now down to you and your employees to execute the roadmap. We can help you to kick-start the implementation of the strategy, in which case we set up a project team together with members of your staff to accelerate execution of the roadmap. Alternatively, we take our leave but return a couple of months late to review the results. If necessary, we work with you to adapt the approach or fine-tune the strategy. Even we never stop learning!


WWe translate ambition into crystal-clear strategy


Time for you to set to work! When devising a new strategy, these are five questions we ask. Pose them to your leadership team, or think about them yourself. If you don’t have a crystal-clear answer, that’s where the opportunities lie!

Is there a crystal-clear ambition for everyone?

A clear point marked on the horizon which is measurable, tangible and comprehensible for everyone – that is the basis for the world’s most successful organisations. We help you to achieve that too.

Do you know what your customers think of you?

Truly knowing what your customers think of you requires more than just an annual survey. Your customers form the basis for sustainably better results. We’re happy to put that within your reach.

Do you have insight into your current performance?

In order to take steps to improve, you first have to know where you currently stand. We help you by providing a crystal-clear overview of your performance, in all areas: operationally and financially but also the customer experience and employee engagement.

Do you have a workable plan?

Ambitions translated into practical steps – with an overview of the chances, threats and milestones, tailored to their specific organisation and ready to implement. That’s what we achieve for our clients.

Are your employees up to the job?

Organisational culture and organisational performance are the sum total of employee behaviour. You are dependent on your workforce taking the necessary steps to bring your closer to your goal. We are happy to help you consider what this means in terms of recruitment & selection, onboarding and employee development programmes.

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